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YEP discussed The Big Picture of European Energy Transition 2030

In 2018, the EU has decided upon an climate and energy framework up to 2030. The aim is to have a clean, affordable and reliable energy system in Europe. To that end, greenhouse gas emissions are to decline by at least 40 percent below 1990 levels, renewables are to deliver 32 percent of our energy and efficiency is to improve by even 32.5 percent. But what do these targets really mean? How will Europe’s energy system look like in 2030? Which aspects of the transition are particularly important? And at what price paid by whom?

These were the questions the YEP discussed on Tuesday during the session hosted by Agora Energiewende. Many thanks to Andreas Graf for giving us a comprehensive presentation and having an open discussion with our members! Stay tuned for more YEP_BXL updates!

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